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Sunday, March 07, 2010


I discovered a few days ago that HE closed our business account and changed the business website. Without telling me first. Sure, he gave me a check for half of the funds left in the account, which wasn't much, anyway.

He didn't remove my webpages, but the homepage with the links to them is gone, so how would anyone find me (not that I'm looking to be found, mind you). He directs people to where HIS photos can be found, but only gave my email address.

When I confronted him, He told me that he HAD to close the business, that he was only following IRS guidelines. I reminded him that last year he didn't know what he wanted to do with the business. He countered with "since our marriage ended in May...". Good GRIEF! The IRS doesn't know about it, and they would point out that we still live in the same house and have joint accounts. He just repeated himself.

When I pointed out that the business homepage only pointed to his info, he said that he hadn't removed my pages. I said that the homepage used to have links to the different pages on the site, and w/o the links, what was the use of having them there at all? He apologized for not thinking about that.

When I asked him if I had done all that if he would have been upset, he said he would not have. I could see that he wasn't to see it my way, or admit to it. I didn't bother letting him know that I had put this question to others and they said that they would have been upset, too.

While I was at it, I let him know that I was upset about what he had said about there not being a house for the Girls to come home to (see below)...

Guess what? He said that I took it the wrong way! EXXXxxx-cuuuussse me?! If you tell someone that if they move out then you won't be able to afford the house on your own salary alone and that the Girls wouldn't have a home to come home to, then just WHAT are you trying to say?! And he's full of bullshit, anyway. He clears enough to afford it, even with a new mortgage.

okay. Done complaining. For the moment.
btw, if a blogger-friend lets you guys know that they can't get to my blog, let me know. I sent out invites to a small number of youse. I can add those who are interested.


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I wasn't even aware that you had a business account--this is woefully complicated. {{DDD}}


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