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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Other Blogs, Part II

Been surfing other blogs again. I'm surprised by all the repeats that I see ... wonder how many blogs there are and why a supposedly random next blog key would bring up a few more than once. Also I got "not found" blog sites w/o a button to go onward - several times.

So many blogs are not in english. There seem to be more that are evangelical than of a liberal religious bent (I have come across a couple where the blogger was complaining about family pressuring them to be more Christian). So many seem to be Canadians or from the U.K.

Anyway, kinda interesting. Here's one that has some nice photos of the author and a rather large cat: http://rhini.blogspot.com/ (also some interesting photos of her w/ a scarf... why?)

Here (http://prattoons.blogspot.com/) is a site by a Philly person who likes rabbits. On a photo down the page shows a wall w/ a lot of lighthouse photos, one of SO's favorite things to photograph.

Here's another Pennsylvanian http://bumpintheroad.blogspot.com/, some funny things, some sad. I'm tempted to answer his "ARE WE THERE YET?" with a NO!

http://www.sephlawrance.co.uk/news.htm reports the murder of a young man who reminds me of Kevin. It makes me wonder what he would've thought of all of this, and what he might have blogged. Actually, that's almost a scary thought ... don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Well, Salem is on my lap, snoring, and SO is asking what's for dinner. I dunno. Being culinarily challenged w/ two Kiddies who don't like most of what I make, it's a question that I hate. Gotta go for now.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger actonbell said...

Hey, that's a really good-lookig cat at the rhini blogspot--nice expression.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Pratt said...

Hey dddragon,Thanks for commenting on my site. Please say hi anytime. For the lighthouse fans in your family..they should visit lighthousing.net an online bulletin board of lighthouse enthusiasts.

I dig sci fi too..especially anything produced ny Irwin Allen.


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