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Monday, April 11, 2005

Blue Skies, Blue Mood

Got a totally unexpected call from Fred Cline, who was in my class @ CalArts. He's helping the Alumni association contact us alum to invite us to the reunion in June. (I did get an invitation, but, hey, it's in California, so there's the airfare, hotel, and cost of the reunion itself -- too much.) Besides, no way could I lose enough weight by then.

Anyway, Fred is a really nice guy, and has done lots since we graduated. We drove up to northern California together a few times (his parents live in Santa Cruz, and Uncle Mike and/or Doris would pick me up there). In fact, Fred taught me how to drive stick-shift.

But in comparison to him and many others (Chris Saunders - Lilo & Stitch, Kevin Lima - 102 Dalmations, Leon Joosen - Scooby Doo ...) in the Animation School at CalArts, I've done very little artistically speaking. I know, I know, I've done lots of other things ... and yet I feel blue about it. I had long used picture framing as my connection to the art world - and then that ended so incredible unpleasantly. Several of my designs are gracing T-shirts in the area (for free), and true, I've sold a small number of paintings.
Cow Parade.
My big claim to fame is the Cow Parade. Boy, did I enjoy that experience! I've been tempted to start painting my ol' van ... it's old and showing bare paint. Perhaps a la Partridge Family?

On to another subject ... the weather. Boy, what a beautiful day! Went to the boro mulch heap and got a load in the back of the van. The SO had done a lot of yard work over the weekend ... even Kiddie A remarked on how nice it looked! Can you imagine ... a teenager talking about this subject? lol, indeed.

I still am checking the Peregrine Falcon webcam a couple of times a day. Today there was a dead pigeon left on the ledge for the female - wasn't that nice? Hmmm -- yumm.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I would be happy to treat you to the reunion! But I totally understand the weight thing...all too well.

Also, I get the "art-life has sort of passed me by" thing. *sigh*

Start exercising NOW. It's the only way to lose weight. I've just lost 4 lbs., a drop in my big fat bucket, but better than nothing.

Hike with the family, take pictures, and come home and draw what you've seen. It doesn't have to be something you can sell you know.

THEN, there is the fact that you have wonderfully mothered two great girls, volunteered and helped many, many other girls and their moms. You have made a difference in your world. You just won an award for your GS work, for gosh sakes! Yo mama is proud of you. How many of your friends can say that? I hope all of them can, but probably not all can.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger actonbell said...

Yeah! What Mom said! You're awesome. Now, look at me--I'm the one who's done nothing, LOL! Enjoy yourself in this beautiful weather:)

At 8:44 PM, Blogger AP3 said...

You people are silly. dddragon, you HAVE done lots of great art. And -- who knows? -- maybe you'll pour yourself into it more when your nest is empty. (By the way, I've told Me Wonder Woman Pez that I wanted to hire you to paint my bug Patridge Family style someday!) Lucinda, you have NOT done nothing! You've read -- and run -- more than about anyone I know, for one thing. And you're the only one of us who isn't pushing maximum density! ;-)


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