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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Our school district's spring break was last weekend. Poor Bookworm was sick and missed the first day back to school. Goa'uld then seemed like she was coming down with it, too. And the band trip to Virginia Beach was coming up!!

Bookworm was better and Goa'uld was taking meds and didn't seem to be getting worse, so both went off with the band on Thursday (like I would've been able to hold them back, anyway). The concert band, jazz band and indoor guard unit were adjudicated on Friday. The band went on a dinner cruise that evening, and spent Saturday at Busch Gardens.

Bookworm called three times to let us know how great it was: their balcony overlooked the ocean, later that they were walking on the beach, and then that they had a blast on the rides at the park. I'm relieved that the bad weather that was forecasted didn't ruin their trip - they'll probably be driving home in a driving rain today.

Meanwhile, I started to feel sick on Wednesday, and woke up Thursday definitely sick. Got worse as the days passed - and changed as the days went by. First it was mostly my throat. Then it was my head. Now it's my chest and I wonder if it has become bronchitis.

At least we didnt' get the snow that they were perdicting. It rained pretty hard all night and is still raining now.

Boy, what I wouldn't give to be on a warm, dry beach somewhere.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hoppy Hoppy Spring

Well, one wouldn't know that spring is supposed to be here. It's been flurrying on and off all day. Sometimes while the sun was shining!

We'll be at my In-Laws tomorrow for a meal. Tonight my Girls will be at a Disney-themed party. Goa'uld is going as Smee (Peter Pan) and Bookworm is the White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland). I couldn't resist trying the ears on Chatham and Salem.
In other Kid news, the High School Band will be going to Virginia Beach later this week. The Band will be adjudicated (and the Jazz ensemble, too, of which my two girls are a part).

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rabbit Fool Rabbit

I can't believe that yet another month has gone by.