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Thursday, March 31, 2005

First Squirrels, Now Rabbits

I occaisonally check on Prattoons, the blog of a rabbit man and his lighthouse wife who live in Philly. Now, when I see rabbit/bunny stuff, I think of Pratt. Wierd, eh? but then I frequently assign connections that way - as we've been blogging lately (Remember to think of Nevik when you see Benny Hill!).

Anyway, today's GO! in the Patriot News has a column by Barry Fox - "Hawaii might help pets; California aims at rabbits." If you Google Mission Viejo Shoots Rabbits you'll see several sites with this story, like this one and this one.

Also in the GO! section was an ad for Shel Silverstein's new book, Runny Babbit. Odd, didn't he die several years ago?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Random Sightings

Some things just catch my eye ... things that I associate with other things, usually people. Like frogs with Kiddie B's kindergarten teacher, 'cause her husband supplied a tadpole pond every year, and everyone gave Mrs. S frog stuff. Ladybugs with my friend Deb J from Girl Scouts. Of course, Pez with sister Aral.

And Flamingos with Lucinda Sans -- Recently I saw an ad for New Yorker cartoon and cover artwork (http://www.cartoonbank.com/) and one of the examples had flamingos on it! If you go to Cartoon Bank and do a search on Garrett Price, then scroll down to the Covers, click on the March 8, 1952 date, you'll see this cover

Monday, March 28, 2005

Rainy Days & Mondays ...

... do indeed always get me down. Especially when it's rainy AND COLD! Icky icky day.

On to Tan Lucy Pez's squirrel comments. (And we also watched The Birds. Good movie, even if dated).

On the GS Leader listserv that I'm on, there was quite a discussion for several days about squirrels. Started out as a discussion about the various colors they come in, depending on where they were (black in Toronto, for example). Someone saw striped/dotted ones - they had never heard of ground squirrels, which we had in California.

This lead some of us (myself included) to seek out websites about squirrels:

Clearly, there is a WHOLE other side of life that I am not privy to.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Second Posting ... all while a kitty sleeps on my arms...

Ahhh ... Peeps. Who can resist 'em? (I don't care if you can, I can't) . Take a look at where they are made, Just Born, right here in Pennsylvania. And now you can get Peeps Gear!!

I need to get out more often, don't I?

Random Calls

Today I got a call come in from Valencia, CA. That's where I went to CalArts. The woman said that I wouldn't recognize the area - it's gotten so built up from people fleeing Los Angeles. That's quite a drive!

A couple of years ago I also had a Valencian call. When I told her that I had gone to CalArts and that one of the girls in my class had graduated from the local high school, she asked for the girl's name, which was Denise. I went on to say that Denise had been engaged to a local boy, but had started to date a student at CalArts. Denise didn't tell her fiance that she was going to dump him -- I always thought that was rotten. WELL ... it turns out that the woman on the phone MARRIED the dumped fiance!! How's that for a small world!?!

Today I spoke with a Lara, also calling from California. I said that I had a sister Lara who was in her late 30's. This Lara is 32 years old ... I told her that she was the youngest Lara I had ever spoken to. She laughed and confirmed that she was named for the Doctor Zhivago Lara.

As long as I'm talking about Call Center calls, I'll mention two of my favorite street names: Skunks Misery and Jackass Annie (the latter is in Maine, I forget where the former is).

Happy Chocolate Egg Eating!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Right to Die ...

Poor Terri Schiavo! What a very, very sad story this is ... and it's been dragging on for 15 years!

I would like to officially state that I do not ever, ever want to be KEPT "alive" like that for such a long time. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be existing under such circumstances -- even if I had a functioning mind trapped in a vegetative body, I don't think I would want to go on and on and on without a means to communicate.

And while I am certainly sympathetic towards her parents and understand that they were hoping that she would recover, I also consider it torture to keep your child alive like that.

Finally, I have heard that Terri's husband, Michael, cannot divorce her because she is not competent to go thru a divorce procedure. If this is true, then I find it incredible that Terri's family is lamblasting Michael -- he has tried to go on with his life and they resort to name-calling because of it.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Random Loss of Blog

Well, I had a blog here, but it got lost in cyberspace. AAaaarrrgghh!!

Anyway, I was saying that I'm trying to get the Kiddies' summer planned - it's somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle.

Both want to go to theatre camp, but not at the same one at the same time. Kiddie A has now agreed to "let" Kiddie B go to the one that she went to last summer, and this summer go to a different one at a university not too far away. (how confusing was my use of pronouns here?)

Kiddie B is signed up for a Girl Scout camp; we're just waiting to hear if she gets to go the week she wants (otherwise we'd see her for one day before she would be off to the next camp).

Kiddie A was hoping to also go to a Junior Nature camp, but it turns out that the theatre camp will interfere with it ... theater camp runs Thursday to Thursday (how odd!).

I'm working part-time at the call center still, and teaching cartooning to kids/youth at the Art Center for several week sessions. Also am an ass't director at a "twilight" Girl Scout camp for a week. That week I'll be teaching cartooning in the morning and then with the little Girl Scouts in the evening.

I need to chart out this summer!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Random Ramblings when I should be doing somethin' else...

Been soooo long since I last blogged. Toooo much to do, that I rebell and do nothin', sometimes.

Got quite ill on Friday morning ... the runs and awful cramps. Don't know where that came from, wiped me out for the day. Stomach is still gurgling, ugh!

The church newsletter is going to be really, really long, and a few things came in late, or with revisions. Still not finished getting it all arranged. Last month's was finished and printed in time, yet didn't get delivered to my house til March 8. That really, really urked me.

The school spring musical is over - no more drivin' Kiddie A to and from practices. The play was very good!

We still have cookies to sell - five girls from the troop tromped in CH for two hours and only sold 15 boxes. This is in the 'higher rent' district (as opposed to the 'highest rent' district which I suppose is on the other side of the by-pass). Interestingly, the troops that took the blocks south of Market sold twice as much as we did.

The troop is comprised of good girls who are all overly involved ... it's so hard to get them all together and to keep track of their progress on badges and stuff. We're going to have a woman aviator (and granddaughter of Hubbell Telescope inventor) come to a meeting next month.

Went to a meeting of the Girl Scouts who are going to Our Cabana next year. I think it's a pretty good bunch, and that they'll have a great trip. There is one mom who is a paininthebutt, but she ain't going, and I feel sorry for her daughter.

I'm going to be the ass't director for a twilight GS camp here in town, and am doing a crafty workshop and PR for an adult GS outing in August. Also am the treasurer and PR for our Service Unit in CH. Only four more years and my two will be done w/ GS ... but I have a feeling I won't be. I've been asked to be a Trainer. heh heh. meetings and more meetings.

Kiddies A&B are going to a sleepover tonight and I plan to do nothin' but SLEEP myself.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Un-Random Return

Peregrine Falcons have returned to Harrisburg - take a look at the webcam: http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/falcon/

It's neat to watch the falcon parents care for the eggs and wondering when they will hatch. Then it's a nervous time wondering if the hatchlings will survive and learn to fly and hunt (plenty of pigeons around, and I wonder if they go after all those seagulls that are around, too?)

Shifting gears, somewhat randomly:


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