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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bloggin' Visit

We had an absolutely wonderful visit from Doug and Minka. How awful that they live so bloody far away!

The next time any of us visit each other, it must be for MUCH longer! And not at the Lebanese restaurant in our town ... the bellydancer's music was way too loud for conversation and she danced way too long! After our Saturday evening dinner, we headed over to Mom&Dad's for more conversation.

Doug, Monika and I had breakfast (almost at a Waffle House), then Mom and Actonbell joined us. We headed over to Hershey for the simulated chocolate factory tour (that's us in the photo above). Monika did a little shopping, and then she and Doug were off to Baltimore to fly in opposite directions (CA and CT).

I miss you two already!

Monday, July 09, 2007

More This 'N' That

Took the Girls to music camp yesterday @ a college about 45 minutes away. Another Bandie from their High School is there, too, and Goa'uld is rooming with her. The two room numbers are insteresting ...


It has been WaaaaaaaaaaaaY too hot, and will be until at least tomorrow. If Wednesday is in the 90's, then we're officially in a Heat Wave. Ugh.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is partially shut down. Museums, State Parks, Driver License offices, the casinos and more won't be open. More than 25,000 employees have been furloughed. However, a judge has ordered that the slot parlors could remain open (something doesn't make sense here, eh?).

Today I start a week of art camp - an hour and a half, Mon-Fri. Usually by this point I've had one or two under my belt, but somehow things haven't worked out - at least one camp was canceled due to lack of registration. Now I'm doing paper mache with 14 kids. Have no idea what age they will be.

Then later this afternoon I'm helping transport a couple of girls from Girl Scout daycamp down to Harrisburg.

Now I'm off to get a coffee, sit a bit and read some of the newspaper, then head out to the Art Center.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This 'N' That

Today we're thinking of driving out to Allentown to see the Warner Brothers exhibit at the art museum. Just need to drag Bookworm out of bed before noon - not an easy task.

Goa'uld wants to take the drivers test tomorrow. Yippee, I won't have to drive them around all the time.

Nod and I will probably take a trip up to New Hampshire later this summer to visit his aunt and uncle and cousins (his father's sister is the aunt). Aunt & Uncle are getting older (of course) and Nod is worried that he'll not have a visit before it's too late. Our Girls might not go because it would interfere with Band. TLP and Dad are nearby and by then Goa'uld will be driving.

We saw Ratatouille a couple of days ago and I highly recommend it. Goa'uld was laughing way out loud on this one, as was I. If you do go to see it, stay for the end credits. They are very good, too. (Anyone remember the great graphics for the opening credits for West Side Story?)

Have you seen the news about Eclyse, the "hebra"? Her mother is a zebra and her father a horse. She's soooooooo cute, I think!


And yes, mom, here is the King Tut exhibit review: We went to see it at the Franklin Institute in Philly on June 21. Very good, tho' that famous golden sarcophagus wasn't there. There was one that looked just like it, but apparently was that of a female relative. The exhibit really gave us a good idea of what Eygptian religious/belief systems were like back then, as well as all the material items that went with the burials and the reasons for their placement in the tombs. My only complaint would be that there were too many kids (summer camp groups, I guess) in a space that was at times small. However, if you are patient and just wait for the ebb and flow of traffic, it wasn't that hard to see/read everything. I would recommend to go ahead and get the prerecorded tour. I'm sure that I would have enjoyed the exhibit more with it.