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Friday, October 26, 2007

Things are Looking UP

On Tuesday I got an offer to be a quarter-time assistant to our church secretary AND an offer to work part-time at a local florist.

That afternoon I got a call for a second interview for a teller's position with a local federal credit union for a full-time job. Today they called to offer that job!! (I had actually applied for a part time job, but they asked me to work full time.)

I am looking forward to resigning from the Call Center. My supervisor gave his own notice two weeks ago, so it's a good time to go.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Band Competition

Only it wasn't really. This weekend's competition at a nearby school was very small - many other schools had their homecoming yesterday, so only seven bands entered. And one ended up not being able to come*. Our Marching Band was the only one of its group size there. So the first place trophy isn't quite as sweet for the kids. However, we adults are always telling them that it's the SCORES that we're after, because it's the scores that will get them into the championships. So each our score needs to increase with each competition.

Then they weren't satisfied with that, either. At least, my two bandies aren't. The previous score was 81.25, this week's is 85.55. Goa'uld said that they really kicked butt and their score should reflect that.

My Girls. Never satisfied!

* This band from Lower Bucks, two + hours to our east, wasn't permitted to come. Their football game on Friday night had been cancelled due to the bad weather, and it was made up on Saturday. The school admin told the band that they had to stay for the game, and there was no way that they could've made it to the competition in time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Windy here today

Friday, October 19, 2007

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On my way to work

Monday, October 15, 2007

Whining About THIS Week

Monday: Band Boosters Executive Meeting.

Tuesday: going as moral support for a new leader of a 1st Grade Brownie Troop.

Wednesday: water duty for the evening band practice.

Thursday: my Girl Scout troop meeting.

Friday: omigosh no football game!

Saturday: killer day - band practice, football game far away, band competition back home-way.

Got the Girls new cell phones yesterday. Nod and I get aggravated because they rarely use their cells - when we want to get a hold of them we can't, and we're paying $9.99 x2 each month. Argh.

Anyway, we're hoping that these cool new phones will make it easier to get the Girls when we need to (or when they need to call us w/o borrowing someone else's phone).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taylor Hicks

Nod took me to a Taylor Hicks concert at Millersville Univ as a birthday present (from August). It was a great concert - it's obvious that he and the band really enjoy music and performing together.

Whining About My Week

Monday night: Co-Train new Girl Scout Leaders

Tuesday night: Gold Award Mentors Committee meeting (Girl Scouts, again)

Wednesday night: Regional Trainer meeting (yup)

Thursday night: my Girl Scout Troop meeting

Friday night: get the Girls over to the starting point of the Homecoming Bonfire Parade (which the Marching Band will lead), drive the van to the site several blocks away, leave the van for Goa'uld to bring them home, walk home. Sit and vegetate in front of the television (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy...)

Saturday: Homecoming Game. help w/ Band practice, get the big water coolers/jugs ready, get Girls to the stadium, stay there until it's over ...

My To-Do List is never done, of course. Laundry always needs to get done. I need to get started on Band Fudge Sale prep. Finish my church's newsletter. Start the Camera Club newsletter. Check emails and answer them (between newsletters, band and Girl Scouts, I get alot). And I don't even clean house ... DH does that. And naturally I'm not getting enough sleep or exercise. Missed Actonbell's annual picnic because I had to recertify for Red Cross (for Girl Scouts, but good for me, too) and then we had a band competition to get to.

BTW, Friday was our 22nd wedding anniversary, Sunday is Nod's birthday.

Next week I'll interview for a quarter-time job @ my church and a part-time job at a local florist's (taking phone orders, not making arrangements, but perhaps I can do that sometime, too).
I miss y'all. Really I do. If I could figure out how to post audio blogs via my cell, I would post as I drive around to my various meetings, errands and Twin-Chauffeuring.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

r a b b i t r a b b i t

too tired ... Girl Scout campfire/songs/crafts Friday night. Kids and Nod at far away football game that night. Saturday morning water duty for band practice. kids had band competition about an hour away in the evening.
YIPPEEE! they took first place for their group, and won the drum major, guard and percussion awards! the percussion section hasn't won the award in FIVE years!
and all because Goa'uld got to rub the nose of a Nobel winning physicist and HE rubbed HER nose, too!
the story behind this is that there is a bronze plaque @ the school for this guy. the bandies rub the nose on the plaque for luck - so there's this brightly shining nose in the middle of this darkened large plaque. He came for a visit, heard about the band's "thing" and good-naturedly let many of them rub his nose. When Goa'uld got to him, he said, "can I rub your nose for luck?" and went ahead and did it! she came out of the school that day convinced that not only did she get luck for life but that she could bestow luck on others.